Apr 062011

Everyone wants to be a winner but only a handful win. Why?

There are some habits which distinguish a winner from a loser:

  • Losers decide to do something but don’t do so or decide not to do, however, do so under external pressure. Winners do the opposite. They decide to do something and do, or decide not to do something and don’t do.
  • Losers see problems in every opportunity. Winners see opportunity in every problem.
  • A loser’s move is based on instinct or impulse. Winners act upon much deliberated decisions.
  • Losers are too proud to admit their mistakes. Winners are proud that they learn from their mistakes.
  • Losers reject suggestions because the acceptance makes them feel inferior. Winners welcome suggestions because they are open to learning.
  • Losers quits at first sign of failure. Winners treat failure as a stepping-stone to success.
  • Losers don’t have the power of persistence. Winners pursue their dreams.
  • Losers envy winners. Winners congratulate every successful person.
  • Losers focus on pleasurable activities. Winners manage a proper balance between work and Ieisure.
  • Losers want an easy life without suffering or hardship. Winners know that what one sows is what one reaps. They know that effort and action don’t go unnoticed. They progress through trials and errors, without giving up.
  • Losers dream but don’t act. Winners are always willing to do everything necessary to achieve their dreams.
  • Losers don’t move forward because they are afraid to come out of their comfort zone. Winners move forward by refusing to tolerate all negative things which hold them back. They create space in their lives for positive experiences.
  • Losers think of all that is impossible. Winners think of infinite possibilities.
  • Losers submit passively to surroundings and events. Winners make choices based on what they want to do, have and become.
  • Losers let others change their goals. Winners believe in themselves and their dreams.

Are you a loser or a winner?

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  2. Winning and losing comparision in such way concluded is nice collection and required to be kept in mind. One should be alleviated in following those tips. Fine good patch and to adopted in life.

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