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I was 18.8 pounds over my normal weight and my BMI (Body Mass Index) was 24.9 (25 is overweight) when I decided that I want to attain healthy weight. I lost 10 pounds in 2 months and I will get my normal weight in next 2 months.


In late Feb 2011, I was casually browsing web when I checked my biological age (check this link). My biological age was 2 years more than my calendar age. That was when I decided to match my biological age to my calendar age. I found the following factors troubling:

  • My toxic intake was more (I was eating more fatty food)
  • I was on heavy side of normal weight (my BMI was 24.9 and 25 is overweight)
  • I was not doing any exercise
  • I was stressed out by work
  • My digestion was not in good shape (calculator calculated by duration when you saw your food digested, weird)

All the above factors could be controlled if I start to watch my weight.


  1. Set your vision. My vision was to attain 140 pounds by losing 2 pounds per week.
  2. Set your goals
    • Do not rush
      • Loseit recommends maximum of 2 pounds weight loss per week
      • Do not exercise everyday. Plan regularity and give your body some rest
      • Do not stop eating out altogether. You may be socially cut off
      • Leave leeway for body to relax (you may eat extra on one day but not on a week)
    • Keep variety
      • Eat variety of food because each food has different nutrition
      • Keep variety of exercises. I do jogging and swimming. In summers, hiking is a good exercise.
    • Exercise Regularly
      • Maximum gap between two exercise days is 2 days.
      • Exercise at least 3 times in any 7 consecutive days
    • Eating
      • Do not overeat. Eat only until you are hungry and don’t eat extra just for taste
      • Reduce number of eat outs. Eating out more than once a week is more.
      • Do not cross Weekly Calorie count. Preferably not cross daily calorie count
      • Curb your temptation to eat snacks. Reduce tea, coffee etc.
      • Reduce fat intake. This will reduce if you track your daily calorie
      • Eat reasonable amount of fruits and vegetable
    • Fast on one day of week – Eat regular meal only one time once a week and eat only fruits in the other (no extra food before and after fasting day)
  3. Track your goals
    • Buy a good digital weighing scale and weigh yourself everyday at a fixed time. I weigh everyday before breakfast
    • Measure your calories. There is an excellent application loseit for iPhone with which you can track your food, exercise and nutrient type (fat, protein, carbohydrate etc.)

      LoseIt iPhone Screenshots

      Tip: Create recipe and custom food to quickly add food. Use this application to add food and add exercise. This application gives slightly more calorie than we need so keep your food on the lower side.

    • Paste Daily Weight Tracker (a checklist on a piece of paper)in most frequented area of your home to track weight, overeating, exercise, extra butter/ghee, eat out etc. everyday.

      Daily Weight Tracker with targets. Click for higher resolution image

  4. Meet your goals - If you meet your exercise and food goals regularly then you will most likely meet your weight goal. It is possible that at one week you do not meet your goals but do not lose hope. Revise goals but set another goal to not let this happen again
  5. Realise your vision – Meet your goals and you will realize your vision.


Setting clear goals and tracking progress using loseit and Daily Weight Tracker are helping me achieve my target. I hope these tricks work for you.

Write a comment if you agree (or disagree) to my tricks.

Disclaimer: I am not a dietician, doctor or anyway related to healthcare and I am suggesting what has worked well for me. Please try these tricks at your own risk.

  5 Responses to “Lost 10 pounds in 2 months”

  1. Another great Post by Himanshu!. Happy reading! :)

  2. Good one Himanshu…… Worth reading.

  3. yahoo, my BMI is normal. I need not do anything with my weight !

    • When I started, even my BMI was normal (although at the last stage), still I did not have prescribed normal weight for me as individual. I was almost 20 pounds over my normal weight (BMI had more than 20 pounds weight range). Getting within normal BMI range is better and getting your personal normal weight is best.

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