Jun 242011

Mobile and Web Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing in terms of measurability, quick results, better targeting and ease of buying. Other benefit of Digital Marketing is that they push you higher in search engine ranking, allowing a brand to benefit even after ad has vanished. Is Mobile Marketing really picking up?

Comparison of Mobile compared to Desktop Advertising

Advantages of Mobile Advertising:

  1. Mobile delivers better brand performance metrics than online advertising. Measures include unaided and aided awareness, message association, brand favorability, and purchase intent. Low levels of clutter (only ad is visible on mobile compared to thousand other things with ad on desktop), novelty of mobile advertising, and higher levels of engagement on mobile etc. contribute to increased brand impact and other key performance metrics.
  2. Precise targeting by age, demographics, income, and person’s real-time location.
  3. Mobile combines digital and physical life. A consumer carries his mobile every time but not carries his desktop all the time.
  4. Search promotes app. Both Mobile Search and Mobile Apps are growing. Mobile Search can lead to a useful App resulting in more engagement.
  5. CPC on Mobile Paid Search is lower as space is less cluttered and there is less bidding compared to Desktop.
  6. Ranking on Position 1 or 2 for Mobile Paid Search is easier as there are not many competitors.
  7. Mobile is Touch, Sound and Sight sensitive whereas Desktop is Sound and Sight sensitive only.
  8. Great potential for Local Search. Consumers look for shopping places, restaurant and things to do. They also compare prices, read reviews and obtain coupons on the go.

Advantages of Desktop Advertising:

  1. Desktop Web (as a more established medium) is easier to buy than mobile.
    • Mobile is a fragmented landscape of different devices, smart phones, operating systems and application (apps), emerging class of devices such as e-book readers and iPad.
    • Different devices offer different ad units, placements and formats which make it very difficult to buy an Ad Campaign on Mobile.
    • For advertisers, the question is whether to advertise on mobile sites, apps, or both.
  2. Bandwidth limitations of mobile remain a barrier to greater usage of Mobile when it comes to Web browsing, watching videos and playing games on Mobile.

Interesting Information

Other Interesting Things to know for Mobile:

  • Consumers spend over an hour on an application
  • Average user has 35-40 Apps on average where 10-12 are core Apps.
  • More than 10 Billion Apps have been downloaded.
  • 10% of all YouTube Traffic is Mobile.
  • Mobile Internet Users will surpass desktop internet users in 2014-2015.

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For organizations targeting consumers aged 18-35, mobile strategy should be part of marketing mix as many members of this population are mobile media users. I think mobile is going to be an important component of marketing mix as adding one screen will further increase reach for audience. It also depends on scale (small, medium, large) and type of business for Mobile to be part of marketing mix.

So, do you think Mobile Website/App or Mobile Search is currently impacting your business, or will have a future impact in next few years? Will companies start shifting marketing dollars from Online to Mobile similar to some TV spending shifting to Online?

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