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Here are the last 6 laws of leadership from 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership:

16. The Law of the Big Mo

Momentum Is a Leader’s Best Friend. When you have no momentum, even the simplest tasks seem impossible. On the other hand, when you have momentum, the future looks bright and obstacles appear small.

  • Momentum helps followers perform better than they are - When momentum is strong, people are motivated to perform at higher levels, making all participants more successful than they would be otherwise.
  • Momentum is easier to steer than to start – Getting started is a struggle, but once you’re moving forward, you can really start to do some amazing things.
  • Momentum is the leader’s responsibility – Creating momentum requires someone who has vision, can assemble a good team, and motivates others.

Once you have it, you can do almost anything. That’s the power of the Big Mo.

17. The Law of Priorities

Leaders understand that activity is not necessarily accomplishment. Prioritizing activities requires leaders to continuously think ahead to know what’s important and to see how everything relates to the overall vision.

  • The Pareto Principle: 100 customers, the top 20 will provide you 80% of your business, so focus on them.
    • Doing something that is not necessary – Eliminate it.
    • Doing something that’s necessary but somebody else can do it – Delegate it.
  • Spend most of your time working in your areas of greatest strength and work that gives maximum return and reward.

18. The Law of Sacrifice

  • Leaders are often asked to give up more than others – The heart of leadership is to put others ahead of you. It’s doing what is best for the team. For that reason, leaders have to give up their rights.
  • The higher the level of leadership, the greater the sacrifice – The higher you go, the more it’s going to cost you. It does not matter what kind of leadership career you pick. You will have to make sacrifices. You will have to give up to go up.

19. The Law of Timing

  • When to lead is as important as what to do and where to go
  • Timing is often the difference between success and failure in an endeavor.
  • Every time a leader makes a move, there are really only four outcomes:
    1. The Wrong Action at the Wrong Time Leads to Disaster
    2. The Right Action at the Wrong Time Brings Resistance
    3. The Wrong Action at the Right Time is a Mistake
    4. The Right Action at the Right Time Results in Success

20. The Law of Explosive Growth

  • You can grow by leading followers. But if you want to maximize your leadership and help your organization reach its potential, you need to develop leaders. There is no other way to experience explosive growth.

21. The Law of Legacy

  • A leader’s lasting value is measured by succession.
  • A legacy is created only when a person puts his organization into the position to do great things without him. As every leader eventually leaves his organization one way or the other; he either changes organization or dies. Lasting value of a leader can be measured by the ability to give the organization a smooth succession.

Are above laws part of your leadership style? Please share via comments.

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