Aug 162011

Growing professionally gives an immense sense of self-actualization and it requires persistent effort.

  1. Before starting each work day, write down what you want to achieve today.
  2. At the end of each work day, analyze what you could achieve, and think what went well and what needs improvement.
  3. Keep yourself abreast with your area of work (technology and business).
  4. Learn from whoever you can. If other person can teach you then you are at receiving end and be humble about it.
  5. Join professional societies, attend conferences and contribute to articles in professional journals.
  6. Learn to negotiate to get what you feel you deserve. Getting work satisfaction is very important to keep you enthused.
  7. Network with professional enthusiasts.
  8. Read at least 1 business book every month.
  9. Read professional publications and blogs.
  10. Start a blog and write at least one article every week.
  11. Take external certificates in your field of work. There should be at least 1 certificate every year.
  12. Take help from your mentor.
  13. Offer to help others. Don’t impose your suggestion because if your suggestion is good and received well then it will be considered.
  14. Make past achievements your benchmark and strive to achieve more. Move out before settling into your comfort zone.
  15. Take planned break to avoid burnout and keep the productivity up. When taking a break, don’t work.

Would you like to add any more points?

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