Dec 062011

Everyone knows blogging income sucks yet there are 156 million public blogs (Reference Blog on Wiki). Have you ever wondered what has made blogging so popular.

Advantages of blogging:

  1. Barometer of knowledge - What you write demonstrates your knowledge on the subject. The more you know, the better you can write. When I am short of topics to write, I encourage myself to learn new and more stuff. Blogging enhances your thought process and helps you to be more creative. When you read, write and share, you get more ideas and your knowledge increases.
  2. Opens more avenue - Blogging can help open other job, networking or business avenues because of the learning of blogging subject, demonstration of learning or just by thinking like an entrepreneur. The avenue reminds me of success stories of many famous bloggers at Technorati.
  3. Gives popularity - I was amazed to see my photo on google when I searched on my name. It was made possible because of my social presence and blogging.
  4. Extra source of income - Blogging cannot earn a living for most but it is still an additional source of income.

Disadvantages of blogging:

  1. Time consuming – It takes too much time to write, decorate and publish even a single blog post. It takes time to maintain the website.

Overall, I recommend blogging for all round growth. Do you recommend blogging or consider that outdated? Share your thoughts via comments.

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