May 062011
The Art of WOO - promote your idea with charm

My team’s performance was suddenly getting invisible to stakeholders. We were facing resistance in implementing good ideas. Untrue bad words were more audible. I started to look for a book to fight politics. We needed means to persuade others that we are doing good job and we want to implement good ideas. That’s when I [...]

Apr 172011

In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell explained that success arises of steady accumulation of advantages - 1) when and where you were born, 2) what your parents did for living, 3) what were the circumstances of your upbringing, and 4) the skills that people had for a long time suddenly became too valuable. Challenging our cherished belief of the [...]

Apr 112011

What is Marketing? Marketing is discovering what people want and need, and telling them a story about how they can get it from you. In Meatball Sundae, Seth Godin describes how the marketing landscape has changed over the years and how some organizations have aligned themselves to new changes and are successful, while others failed [...]