Sep 202011
12 Social Media Facts

Social Media has grown from postal service Persia in 550 BC to Wikipedia in 2001 to Twitter in 2006 and is continuously growing by different companies and individuals. An individual cannot imagine being in touch with friends without Social Media and companies cannot plan their marketing strategy without Social Media. Here are some quick facts about [...]

Sep 092011
Quick Guide to Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Ever wondered what is Demand Side Platform? Media buyers are using DSPs as another platform to buy media which is different than other forms of buying Display media. Current Media Buying Environment Online Ad inventory (placements for ad online) is more abundant and ever increasing with more sites, blogs, social networks etc. This means there [...]

Sep 022011
Digital Advertising Data Integration

With multitude of digital data available for analysis on Internet, it is imperative to aggregate/ merge data to produce actionable insights. Let us understand digital data integration by two examples below. Display Advertising The difference between frontend and backend data for Display is explained in Table below. Why data aggregation is required? Several times impressions [...]

Aug 062011
Optimal Ad Frequency

Have you ever calculated the right or Optimal Frequency for your marketing campaign? You can save some marketing dollars by using Optimal Frequency (number of times customer see an ad before making a purchase). Methodology of Digital Campaign using user level data Before we delve into detail, let me mention that outcome can be a Click/Visit/Purchase. [...]