May 222012
Is your Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) really sensitive?

Sometime back, I visited Tata’s Service Station to get my car serviced. Feedback form was mandatory before service station would release the car. The form suggested to give rating from 1 to 10 on various parameters of the service. I gave score from 6 to 10 on various service parameters such as timeliness, facilities of [...]

Dec 062011
Why blog?

Everyone knows blogging income sucks yet there are 156 million public blogs (Reference Blog on Wiki). Have you ever wondered what has made blogging so popular. Advantages of blogging: Barometer of knowledge - What you write demonstrates your knowledge on the subject. The more you know, the better you can write. When I am short of topics [...]

Aug 162011
15 ways to grow professionally

Growing professionally gives an immense sense of self-actualization and it requires persistent effort. Before starting each work day, write down what you want to achieve today. At the end of each work day, analyze what you could achieve, and think what went well and what needs improvement. Keep yourself abreast with your area of work [...]