Apr 232011
Increase traffic on your website - 8 ways to slice and dice website data

Struggling to increase web traffic? Slice and dice your website data to produce actionable insights and implement them to increase traffic. Here is how: Segment Data by various Traffic Sources: What percentage of traffic is coming from Display, Direct, Referral, and Search Engines? Search traffic might have higher intent than direct and referral traffic with [...]

Apr 212011
15 Wordpress Blog Customization - from beginner to professional

Customizing the look and adding useful features to a blog makes a difference between a beginner and professional website. Thereafter, readers will begin to read a blog (quality content will retain readership). This blog is self hosted using WordPress Content Management and the article assumes that reader is familiar with WordPress Admin Console. The mentioned plugins [...]

Apr 172011

In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell explained that success arises of steady accumulation of advantages - 1) when and where you were born, 2) what your parents did for living, 3) what were the circumstances of your upbringing, and 4) the skills that people had for a long time suddenly became too valuable. Challenging our cherished belief of the [...]

Apr 122011

Property matters are crucial for ones finances for the sheer reason of huge amount of money involved. It is dream for some and investment or survival for others. Some of many Indian Sites we can use for Real Estate Information are as follows: makaan.com was established with the mission to connect relevant buyers and sellers of real estate groffr.com - [...]