Apr 112011

What is Marketing? Marketing is discovering what people want and need, and telling them a story about how they can get it from you. In Meatball Sundae, Seth Godin describes how the marketing landscape has changed over the years and how some organizations have aligned themselves to new changes and are successful, while others failed [...]

Apr 082011
Mutual Funds and how to ride Sensex

1. Why Mutual Funds? 2. Types of Mutual Funds 3. How do we choose the right Mutual Fund with SIP feature to meet your goals? 4. Examples of good Mutual Funds 5. Which Option to choose – Growth, Divident or Divident Reinvestment?     1. Why Mutual Funds? If you have enough saving in your FD, [...]

Apr 072011

It is important to manage our money properly and properly allocate for our many goals in life. Some of many Indian sites we can use for gathering knowledge are as follows: http://www.moneycontrol.com/ Financial portal for following latest finance news, various mutual funds and stocks. http://www.morningstar.com/ An additional famous financial portal for stocks, options, funds, ETFs, [...]

Apr 062011

Everyone wants to be a winner but only a handful win. Why? There are some habits which distinguish a winner from a loser: Losers decide to do something but don’t do so or decide not to do, however, do so under external pressure. Winners do the opposite. They decide to do something and do, or decide not to [...]