Sep 202011
12 Social Media Facts

Social Media has grown from postal service Persia in 550 BC to Wikipedia in 2001 to Twitter in 2006 and is continuously growing by different companies and individuals. An individual cannot imagine being in touch with friends without Social Media and companies cannot plan their marketing strategy without Social Media. Here are some quick facts about [...]

Aug 022011
Can Social Media help Project Management?

Past Saturday, I could not confirm my attendance for next Toastmaster’s meeting because I did not remember my work schedule for next Saturday. My iPhone carries information about my personal schedule (Apps, Facebook, personal email etc.) but my work schedule stays in work email and Sharepoint. Some amount of project information can be made available [...]

Jul 192011
Working with Japanese Customer

If you have Japanese customer then learning Japanese rules are imperative to conduct day to day operation and earn new business. Respect low tolerance for risks (Uncertainity Avoidance Index 92, refer Power Distance Index) Maintain status quo. Japanese companies promote predictability and thus like to maintain status quo. Many a times, they would stick to the same methodologies, [...]