May 222012
Is your Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) really sensitive?

Sometime back, I visited Tata’s Service Station to get my car serviced. Feedback form was mandatory before service station would release the car. The form suggested to give rating from 1 to 10 on various parameters of the service. I gave score from 6 to 10 on various service parameters such as timeliness, facilities of [...]

Jul 262011
Hidden Cost of Offshoring

If you are a customer who takes (or are planning to take) services of an offshore software vendor, you must be (or will be) reaping a lot of cost saving (average 25-40 percent) after handing over the tasks. Have you considered all the costs, even the hidden costs? Generally accounted costs of offshoring Cost of selecting a vendor. It can [...]

Jul 192011
Working with Japanese Customer

If you have Japanese customer then learning Japanese rules are imperative to conduct day to day operation and earn new business. Respect low tolerance for risks (Uncertainity Avoidance Index 92, refer Power Distance Index) Maintain status quo. Japanese companies promote predictability and thus like to maintain status quo. Many a times, they would stick to the same methodologies, [...]