Aug 062011
Optimal Ad Frequency

Have you ever calculated the right or Optimal Frequency for your marketing campaign? You can save some marketing dollars by using Optimal Frequency (number of times customer see an ad before making a purchase). Methodology of Digital Campaign using user level data Before we delve into detail, let me mention that outcome can be a Click/Visit/Purchase. [...]

Jul 082011
Cross Channel Correlation Analysis

1. Refresher We learnt Correlation in Statistics 101. A quick refresher on Correlation is below: What does Correlation mean? Positive correlation means that there is a strong linear relationship between two variables indicating they move in the same direction. Negative correlation means that there is a strong linear relationship between two variables, but they move [...]

Jul 012011
Digital Ad Serving Data Collection Methodology and Applications

Do you know how data is collected when Advertisements are placed on various Websites? Excerpt from previous article Vendors and Tools in Web Analytics Data  For Example: If Intel asks Google DoubleClick DART to place Intel ad on, then CNN is the publisher, Intel is the advertiser or Brand Website, and Google DoubleClick technology helps Intel [...]

Jun 282011
Effective Creative Testing

Do you make sure testing environment is stable? Suppose an Advertisement Campaign is running different Ad Types (Creative Types) with different format, different message etc? The task is to test which creative performed the best? For Examples: Two creative’s for ING that I found on are below and the task is to check which [...]