Jun 242011
Tap through Rate (Mobile Ads) vs. Click through Rate (Desktop Ads)

Mobile and Web Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing in terms of measurability, quick results, better targeting and ease of buying. Other benefit of Digital Marketing is that they push you higher in search engine ranking, allowing a brand to benefit even after ad has vanished. Is Mobile Marketing really picking up? Comparison of Mobile compared to Desktop Advertising Advantages of [...]

May 022011
Traditional Marketing vs. Digital (Interactive) Marketing

Why did Companies start shifting some of marketing dollars from traditional mediums such as TV or Print to Online? The following table compares the two marketing channels.   Traditional Marketing Digital (Interactive Marketing) Two Channels: Example TV, Billboards, Seminars, Postcards, Print, Public Relationship Efforts, Yellow Pages, etc. Display, Search, Social Media, Podcasts, Online Videos, Blogs, etc. [...]