Dec 272011
15 Cost Heads in Software Development Company

If you have thought of starting your own software development firm or director of PMO calculating costs for your programs, you must consider all kind of costs that may occur for performing benefit analysis of your program. Human resource cost for project staff and supporting staff (Finance, HR, Process, Quality Control/Assurance, Admin, Travel, Legal etc.) [...]

Apr 122011

Property matters are crucial for ones finances for the sheer reason of huge amount of money involved. It is dream for some and investment or survival for others. Some of many Indian Sites we can use for Real Estate Information are as follows: was established with the mission to connect relevant buyers and sellers of real estate - [...]

Apr 082011
Mutual Funds and how to ride Sensex

1. Why Mutual Funds? 2. Types of Mutual Funds 3. How do we choose the right Mutual Fund with SIP feature to meet your goals? 4. Examples of good Mutual Funds 5. Which Option to choose – Growth, Divident or Divident Reinvestment?     1. Why Mutual Funds? If you have enough saving in your FD, [...]