Aug 162011
15 ways to grow professionally

Growing professionally gives an immense sense of self-actualization and it requires persistent effort. Before starting each work day, write down what you want to achieve today. At the end of each work day, analyze what you could achieve, and think what went well and what needs improvement. Keep yourself abreast with your area of work [...]

May 132011
Leadership Skills Part 1

People often follow bosses because they have incentive of bonuses and promotions. It does not mean every boss in an organization is a leader. On the other hand, if people follow a leader in a community organization (for instance Church), leader is really an effective leader because there is no such incentive as bonus or [...]

May 062011
The Art of WOO - promote your idea with charm

My team’s performance was suddenly getting invisible to stakeholders. We were facing resistance in implementing good ideas. Untrue bad words were more audible. I started to look for a book to fight politics. We needed means to persuade others that we are doing good job and we want to implement good ideas. That’s when I [...]