Jul 202013
What is bigger - Digital Data or Big Data?

Have you ever wondered which data, Digital or Big data is bigger? You might have guessed it right! As the name suggests, Big data is bigger than Digital data. Let us see how? What are some of Big Data Types? Big data includes structured, semi-structured, unstructured and multi structured data from various sources/channels. Structured data [...]

Sep 022011
Digital Advertising Data Integration

With multitude of digital data available for analysis on Internet, it is imperative to aggregate/ merge data to produce actionable insights. Let us understand digital data integration by two examples below. Display Advertising The difference between frontend and backend data for Display is explained in Table below. Why data aggregation is required? Several times impressions [...]

Apr 232011
Increase traffic on your website - 8 ways to slice and dice website data

Struggling to increase web traffic? Slice and dice your website data to produce actionable insights and implement them to increase traffic. Here is how: Segment Data by various Traffic Sources: What percentage of traffic is coming from Display, Direct, Referral, and Search Engines? Search traffic might have higher intent than direct and referral traffic with [...]